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Sobriety Self-Pay

Recovery At A Price You Can Afford

At Sobriety Matters we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to overcome addiction and live the life they deserve, regardless of their financial situation. Sobriety Matters offers  a 30 day residential treatment program for a self-pay fee of $9,000. Whether your obstacles include a lack of available funds, high deductibles or no SUD coverage, we can provide an affordable solution for you or your loved one.

One Year Sobriety Success Commitment

We stand behind our clients supporting them not only through our program, but beyond. Should you enter and complete treatment at Sobriety Matters and require readmission at any time during a one year post discharge period, we offer our 30 day residential program services to you again at no additional charge. Think of it as a warranty on your sobriety. Like any disease there may be a re-occurrence of symptoms, frequently called relapse. If this happens, we are here to remind you that you did not fail at recovery or lose all that you have gained. You are human and we will help you get back on track!

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