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This weekend we celebrate the arrival of the New Year, and we remember the year that is ending.  Every year brings us a mix of events and memories, some happy, some less so.  If you or a loved one are just entering recovery, the year may have been challenging and, at times, painful. The New Year may present itself as a hopeful beginning, but the unknown can be frightening as well as exciting.

You don’t have to go through this New Year’s weekend alone.  The Twelve Step programs for recovering people will be sponsoring many sober events this weekend.  In the greater Houston area, you can contact Alcoholics Anonymous at 713-686-6300; the national AA website is aa.org. To contact Narcotics Anonymous in metro Houston, call 713-661-4200; the NA national meeting-finder site is naws.org.

Remember, for people in early recovery, there is no situation that will not be made worse by drinking or using drugs.  Don’t rush out and join “amateur night” on New Year’s Eve.  If you have family members supporting your recovery, they will be welcome at many of the sober events held each year during the New Year’s celebration—you can ask about family events when contacting the recovery support groups.  If you have been through treatment recently, you can contact someone at your treatment facility, and ask about sober events and well-attended meetings in your area.  If you want to talk to someone about your new sobriety, or you want to find the person you were before addiction changed everything, call Sobriety Matters today at 713-904-4699.  The real you can return, and become the new you!

You can do it. You can get through, have a good time, and enjoy New Year’s Day feeling rested, healthy, positive, and excited about the possibilities your new choices will offer!

Happy New Year!